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Over the past three centuries, the sole objective of La Salle has always been to provide up-to-date and consistent education at all levels. We have remained deeply committed to this.

Settled in Spain for about 125 years, La Salle developed its education programmes in order to fit the needs of each historical period. We left our mark: high quality education that prioritizes the whole person instead of merely quantitative knowledge acquisition.

In Catalonia, La Salle owns 30 educational centers with 23.000 students. In Madrid there are 17 educational centers with 11.300 students.

There are 73 Universities affiliated to IALU - International Association of Lasallian Universities is. In United States: La Salle University of Philadelphia, Manhattan College of New York, Saint Mary's College of California; La Salle College of Santa Fe, Lewi's University of Chicago, Christian Brother College of Memphis. In Philippines; De La Salle University of Manila, University of La Salle of Bacolod City. In Israel: Bethleem University. In Latin America: Universidad La Salle de Bogotá, Centro Educacional Superior de Canoas-Brasil, Institutos Terciarios de México y de Obregón, Instituto Superior Centroamericano de Guatemala; IUTEMAR La Salle de Caracas, IUTEAGRO de Cojedes; IUTEIN de Guayana. In Europe we gather university colleges such as Institut Supérieur Agricole de Bauvais, ISAIP d'Angers, ECAM de Lyon, École Saint-Luc Bruxelles, plus several colleges in Africa and Asia.

Throughout its worldwide history, La Salle has commited itself to educate People along their whole Careers, as well as to improve Organizations’ Technological Development. This commitment brings together a bunch of activities of education, information, mediation, transference and communication, making La Salle into a unique Entrepreneurial and Technological hub.

In Spain, both La Salle University Colleges (in Barcelona and Madrid) offer the following programmes:

  • Doctorate Programme
  • Master’s Degrees
  • Bachelor’s Degrees
  • International Stages
  • Professional Development Programmes (PDP)
  • Executive Education and Courses
  • Corporate Training

Our Master’s Degrees fit the needs of companies and professionals with a practical approach. Our aim is to provide skills that will be quickly applied to daily life. By widening our specialization area or learning about new areas, our professional students achieve personal abilities and a higher flexibility to adapt themselves to technological and labor changes.

Our Master’s Programmes are designed for experienced professionals with a bachelor degree, who want to improve their abilities in their area, have a better understanding of business complexity, assume new challenges and to develop analytical, synthetic, conciliatory, communicational and collaborative skills.

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